The Faster Way to Fill a Tank, No Knob   to Screw and Unscrew,
No Bleed Screw usually hard to operate, just toggle the bleed knob
The Spring loaded Piston will   back up as you present it to the
Valve, just open the Valve or Air Line, the Residual Pressure
in the
Tank will do the rest.
No main piston O-Ring failure or replacement
have been reported on any installations since 1997
Patented  Exact Wrenchtm
Chrome Vanadium 200 mm (8 inches)
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2 Models
# WRS  $45.00    (slightly angled)
# WRB   $45.00   (angled as shown)
# WRB  $45.00  (200 mm angled as shown)
Raved about by the dealers & Instructors  who have been using them for the last 8 years.
          Spring loaded jaws allow  working without resetting the jaws on every turn !
               The thin profile and angle of the jaws fits in the tightest work areas.
       It will even access the hard to reach nut on Poseidon first Stage Regulators
# PF $199.00
Partial Client's list:  Bellagio Cirque du Soleil Show O
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Ask for by Dealers,  this kit consist of:     1- the fill body  (3 ports 7/16  20  just like the pneumatic Fill Yoke above)
                                                                  &  2- the Quick Bleed  (as above)
Since most dive Operations have plenty of yokes around,  save money and enjoy the benefits of our quick bleed
& the 3 ports configuration of the unit.

Just drop our Kit in a yoke that you have (it will fit most  from USD,  Dacor, Sherwood , Tusa  (as shown) etc.
It takes about 1 minute to install.
the Kit will also directly receive most  high pressure Submersible Pressure Gauge which are 7/16  20 thread
Use the kit as a tool to calibrate your pressure gauges since you can screw 1 high precision gauge and the
tested gauge on the same unit side by side.
# SYKIT $ 35.00
          Master Cliptm  used by the Navy Seals on their  Navigation Board
            Designed by Christian StClaire,  this clip is Quick on - Quick off  in a linear motion even under heavy loads.
                   Made of  non magnetic Stainless Steel,  Heat Treated &  Special Treatment Process afterwards
                   A number of different attachments can go on the loop  (attachments descriptions to come soon)
                         as with Navy Seals some specialized attachments can be designed for your application.
Shown actual size on a 800 X 600 screen resolution
# MCK  $ 20.00
# MCC  $ 20.00
Petaluma, CA USA
Phone: 707 235-4029
Master Clip
Master Clip
Standard Yoke
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                                                              Designed  by Christian  StClaire,
           Chamber and Piston: Pacivated Stainless Steel 316       Yoke:  7000 series Aluminum.
                The quick bleed  is user friendly and can be activated by anybody's little finger, guaranteed !!

3 Ports All O-ring seals Allows  custom  configurations.  Can be used as a Fill Yoke or Tank Pressure Tester
                                                       No ramming or scraping of  the tank valve.
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