Used as a Scuba Tank Filler Yoke
any of the 3 Ports  7/16  20  can be configured to accomodate left or right handed operator
                                      the air supply can come from left , right or inline
                                      the Quick Bleed can be placed left , right or inline
                                      the Pressure Gauge can be placed left , right or inline
Left and Right have a check valve
    designed for Anthony's Key
which allow them to fill  2 banks
      of 10 tanks using  only:
           1 Master Fill valve
   &     1 Master Bleed valve
   saving them countless hours  
   reducing hands & arms injuries

          Mount Valves on Yoke:
       ( Quarter Turn, Sherwood )
                 ( Check Valves )
                                      Used as a Scuba Tank Pressure Tester
any of the 3 Ports  7/16  20 can receive a Pressure Gauge, a Quick Bleed, a Test Gauge for calibration
         Will also accept most submersible pressure gauges 7/16 20 thread with O-Ring 012 or 011 
Accessories and Fittings
Quick Bleed OverHaul Kit
Kit consist of:
1- Quik Fill by StClaire Rebuilt Kit:

2x    014 E300 Main Piston O-Ring
(1 spare is already in the Unit's Chamber)
2x     012 E300  O-Ring for 7/16 20 use on your accessory of your choice
                                                                      on  any of the 3 Ports.

1- Quik Bleed by StClaire Rebuilt Kit:
2x     010 E300 O-Ring for the Stainless Quick Bleed Body.
2x     bleed  Stainless Posts for Quick Bleed.
2x     bleed  Seats for Quick Bleed.
1x     bleed  Stainless Spring for Quick Bleed.
# QFQBOKIT $ 10.00
Petaluma, CA USA
Phone: 707 235-4029
Master Clip
Master Clip
Standard Yoke
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Pneumatic Yoke Configurations
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         It takes about 2 to 5 minutes to overhaul the Quick Bleed !!
and same amount for the Quik Fill Pneumatic Yoke from StClaire

- Unscrew the whole Quik Bleed Assembly.
- Use Phillips Screw Driver and hold post in place.
- Use a pair of Pliers & hold the plastic black Knob.
- Unscrew the Post from Knob.
- Remove the Post & remove the Washer from the Post.
- Install new Washer after Lubricating (Krytox Recommended)
       Important: concave site towards the head of the Post (Phillips side).
      use magnifier if you need else use  your fingers and rub to determine.
- Insert Post back to the Quik Bleed Stainless Body.
- Insert the Spring on the other Side.
- Present the Knob & Screw the Post back into it. 
   no need to over tighten the post & knob,
   the high pressure will do the job of sealing.
 (Proprietary Micro Surfacing/Machining is at work.)
---  You are done !! 
This procedure should not take more than a few minutes
not counting the Ultra Sonic cleaning if used.

Pneumatic Fill Overhaul Procedure
- Crack the Yoke open using a bench & open,
- Remove the Piston's O-Ring
- Clean both Chamber & Piston (Ultra Sonic Clean if possible)

- Lubricate both using our NanoLubes found on  wipe off excess NanoLube /    
               Nano-Oil after a few conditioning Cycles without the O-Ring
- Replace the Piston O-Ring after lubricating such (Krytox Recommended)
- Lubricate Chamber & Piston (Krytox Recommended) remove excess.
- Reassemble.

----- You are Done !! 

This procedure should not take more than a few minutes
not counting the Ultra Sonic cleaning if used.
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