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Petaluma, California
United States of America 
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 Christian St. Claire is known world-wide in certain industry circles including the scuba diving industry where  he set a number of standards and trends in the development/invention of professional diving equipment.

They include the Sea-Belt tm, Sea-Grip tm, Uni-Quik tm, OctoClip tm, 123 System tm (attachment system), Gage Gard tm, Master Clip tm, Quik-Fill tm, Quik-Bleed (units sold to  Johnson  Space Center Nasa  White Sands Testing facility  NSSF  National Submarine Service Facilities

Some of the consulting clients and or projects include:
1990 - NEDU (Navy Experimental Diving Unit) Panama City Beach, Florida
               Co-development of computer protection devices with Alloy Marine Products Novato, CA US  Product Name Gage-Gard tm

1994 - RJE International contractor to U. S. Navy Seals San Diego, California, for whom St.Claire
               designed  specialized equipment for underwater navigation and attachments to satisfy
               Environmental limitations
while increasing the Seals navigation capabilities and resolutions.

1994 - Timex Corporation, EL (Electro Luminescence) EL application developments targeting primarily Underwater Lighting Systems
              applications and Heads up Displays.

1994 - Casio U.S.A. Corporation interface for precursor of present PDA proposal accepted and implemented.
               Worked with Mr. Itoh himself in Research and Development. no fees were asked for nor accepted.

 1995 - X Development Corporation, San Rafael, California
                 Involved with the first heads up display for underwater divers.

1996 - Co-founder, Nitrox Technologies Inc. Petaluma, California
              Air separation using membrane technology primarily for diving purposes (40 percent oxygen recovery from ambient
              atmosphere in one linear process step)
              Biggest Oxygen producing machine on the world at 100 cubic foot per minute in the island  of Roatan Honduras

1996 - Texas A & M University, Houston, Texas, Institute of Nautical Archeology
for whom specialized air separation systems and filling equipment were designed (The filling system  was
              donated personally by St.Claire) and sent to Turkey for a four month around the clock underwater excavation believed to hold the
              key to modern shipping scenarios (more information  by request).

1997- Agfa Gevahert Optical Division (a Bayer Company) Agfa Ephoto 1680 work on digital user's interface release 1998
             (digital camera with user friendly and intuitive interface and voted #1 overall in optical, digital, and interface).

1997- National Geographic Expedition (the first all-out effort to witness the coral spawning over hundreds of miles of ocean which
              happens simultaneously (nobody knows why yet), but the moon may be the common denominator in synchronizing the event)
              Devices were designed and manufactured by Christian St.Claire for above and under water usage to synchronize
              between divers and ships' teams in the effort to document and record the event.

1998 - Nedu (Navy Experimental Diving Unit) Panama City Beach, Florida
              Air separation machine designed for advanced diving systems in response to the Navy new Nitrox Diving Program resurection.

1998 -  Claremont, California Five submarines, worked on oxygen sensing problem.
               (Two more submarines  under construction.)
               Update: as of 20051110  Mel Fisher purchased the most advanced sub from
               for eco tourism and research Submarine based in Costa Rica

1998 - C. Crane Company
               St.Claire was the first on the world to develop a white LED  Flashlight  in 1997.
               The C.Crane   Company  received a 2  LED flashlight  shortly after.
               Christian St.Claire white LED flashlight utility U.S. Patent No. 6,168,288
               Christian St.Claire is directly responsible for  800,000 to 1,000,000 tons of alkaline batteries not reaching
               the refuse disposal in the U.S.A.
alone. as of 20040101     Press release to follow .

1998 -
EOD (Explosive Ordinance Detail) Navy, Department of Defense
              Specifications for a flashlight where given A- candle power B- magnetic signature C-autonomy of batteries (lighting duration).
              All were exceeded by a wide margin of three hours burn time specification.   Demands A -Candle power was exceeded
              B-Magnetic signature was below Navy standards & C- was translated from 3 hours to five days+. (125hours)
              Note: this flashlight became the  "Expedition" model in the Civilian market distributed by the C.Crane Company Fortuna, California

1998 - Mosquito Scooter Company
              Trouble shooting on engineered parts pre-production.
              Major warranty issues were addressed and corrected with NanoLube

1999 - to present Aggressor Fleet and Peter Hughes Fleet .
               Both are part of the most  prestigious live- aboard diving ships.  Their combined fleet is navigating most waters of the world
               at  any given time. They have a combined fleet of over 30 vessels all with estate rooms and luxury accommodations.
               Web links to follow shortly.

1999 - Anthony's Key Resort  Roatan Island  Honduras where St. Claire designed a high pressure air delivery system 
               (upward of 4500 PSI) able to fill 24 tanks simultaneously:  2 banks of  10 + 4 segregated  lines  for continuous Nitrox
               Delivery,  all  by using Pneumatic clamping designed  by Christian StClaire
saving countless hours to the system's
               operator while increasing safety.
               Not  to mention that this duties were actually accomplished within the time allotted  with less  stress on 4 operators between
               the boat docks and the filling station.
               A similar station is being designed by Christian StClaire for a resort in BVI where the operations are going to be duplicated
               to the docks, saving even more time and effort.

1999 - Lagunitas Brewery Petaluma, California   The bottling line became close to 100 percent
               maintenance  free on the parts treated. Downtime was frequent putting all employees
               downstream   idling out of work for hours while the machine was being repaired.          

2002 - Artis Richard Duben Sebastopol, California USA  
               Integration of trendy Acrylic art with advanced technologies in LED lighting

2005 - E-Glide Company Santa Monica, CA US
               Christian StClaire redesigned and prototyped  what became the fastest electrical skateboard on the World
               at over 20 miles per hour in 2 seconds,  all Made in USA
               Video will be Available on  around December 20051215 visit regularly for updates
               Cutting edge Technologies will be incorporated on certain models geared toward the Extreme Techno Freaks
               such as Christian StClaire himself.

Diverse factory efficiency and tooling optimizing work.
            Consultations performed in U.S   and abroad since 1994.
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