Our biggest cycler/filler of Scuba diving tanks to date is Anthony's Key Dive Resort in Roatan Honduras

We shipped 24 Pneumatic yoke filler in 1998 and developed a one way check valve which allows them to fill 20 tanks at a time in 2 banks of 10 using just a master fill valve and a master bleed valve, this new procedure has saved Anthony's Key Resort countless hours and frustration but specially they were able to prep the boat with filled tanks within the time allotment between boat departures.

It is estimated that Anthony's key has filled over 200,000 tanks since 1998 without an O-ring failure compare to our competition which is considered high and disruptive since you would have a whole bank not performing until that failed unit is repaired.
No O-Ring failure or Replacement has been reported by any installation world wide since 1997
When Christian StClaire donated 2 Pneumatic Scuba Tank Yoke Fillers to Texas A & M for an Excavation season in Turkey where they were diving on a ship wreck. The volunteers dove just about around the clock using Nitrox produced by a generator from Nitrox Technologies during the season's window of opportunity. The operators were told not to lubricate and not to fix/repair should there be a failure, The 2 units never failed during this harsh treatment and were sent back to StClaire for analysis.
Fair to say that we know now that those units could have pumped upward of another 200,000 tanks
without O-Ring failure.
Other  Dive shops were equiped with the device and experienced similar results.
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